Going Product Full-time with Laura Elizabeth

Laura Elizabeth joins me to talk about how she's switched to selling products full-time, her DIY SEO strategy, and more. (46 minutes.)

For the curious…

Today's guest is Laura Elizabeth, the founder of Design Academy and Client Portal. She's been able to quit freelancing and move to selling those awesome products full time. 

Show Highlights

  • 0:30 When to hire a freelancer vs DIY. 
  • 4:32 When to hire a freelancer vs hire a full-time designer.
  • 11:53 How Laura got the idea for Design Academy.
  • 17:59 What Laura’s latest marketing strategy is. 
  • 22:25 How to pick what content you should create. 
  • 24:10 How to approaches sales and get customers.
  • 39:57 How to develop your message and create tons of content.
  • 42:27 Consulting vs. product life.

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